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Access the latest white papers from Osmose thought-leaders on various topics related to the utility industry. 

Inspection  ·  Rehabilitation  ·  Engineering

Taking care of grid structures is a mission-critical matter. Grid resilience is the foundation of a utility’s business, impacting reliability and, in turn, the effectiveness of the entire company. Much depends on how these assets are managed. So, when hiring outside services to assist in asset management, utilities must be vigilant about who they select as their partner. This four-part Essential Selection Series includes white papers on key factors to be considered when evaluating an infrastructure partner.

Asset Health Index

The New Structural Asset Health Index for the Electric Grid

How can a utility ensure optimal investment in structural asset health for grid reliability and resiliency, balancing risk and return effectively?

Power of truss post storm

The Power of Trusses Post-Storm Research Proves Trusses are a Long-Term Solution

The increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events has elevated resilience to a major concern for grid owners.

Inspection Efficacy

Power Pole Evaluation Methods and Their Results

 What’s the best way to maintain your utility’s pole assets? Healthy utility poles are essential for delivering electricity and communication to customers. 

Don’t Overlook Your Aging Substations

Don’t Overlook Your Aging Substations

Substations are a key part of every utility’s infrastructure, but their quiet dependability makes them a vulnerable part of the power grid.


pole topper image

Putting a Lid on Pole Top Decay

Wood pole remains a preferred material for utilities. However, they are susceptible to degradation by a variety of agents, both abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living).


manhole explosions

Understanding & Preventing Manhole Explosions

Manhole explosions and other events happen every day across the country but often go unreported. 


Fire Protection Solution

Are Your Wood Poles Protected Against Fires?

Fire prevention can be a key component of a holistic approach to a utility grid’s resiliency and asset-hardening initiatives.



Creating a New Model for Resilience in the Heartland

For OG&E, reducing disaster recovery time is a top priority. After a 2020 ice storm knocked out power, it had to change how it looked at resiliency.


5G: Here, There, and Everywhere

Learn more about how this 5G network is expected to provide technological and economic benefits to consumers, businesses, and municipalities.



Steel Utility Structures: A System for Ensuring Resilience

Steel structures are an essential component of America's electric grid infrastructure. As they age, these structures require appropriate care.

Steel Capitalization page image-01

How to Use Capital Funding to Build System Resilience, Reduce Risk, and Save Money

This white paper provides a framework on how utilities can fund life extension programs for aging steel structures.

What's Holding Up Your Modern Smart Grid?

What's Holding Up Your Modern Smart Grid?

An aging wood pole plant from the 1950s. Why every electric utility should have a long-term resource plan for improving structural resilience.

How to Avoid the Unseen Grid Threat: Buckling.

How to Avoid the Unseen Grid Threat: Buckling.

The likelihood of buckling often is not fully appreciated or even detected and can cause the most dangerous and expensive surprises.

55 Years of Reliable Restoration

55 Years of Reliable Restoration

This paper provides a brief history of the C-Truss steel restoration method and includes data on the re-inspection of over 117,000 restored poles.


A New Map for Climate-Driven Hazards to Utility Grids

A New Map for Climate-Driven Hazards to Utility Grids

Using the revised AWPA decay hazard zone map will simplify maintenance and inspection for utility companies.