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Distribution Resiliency Solutions

Osmose life extension programs preserve strength that is initially built into wood utility poles. Pole evaluation and application of remedial treatment saves money by adding many additional years of durable service life. Osmose pole restoration systems are designed to restore strength to poles that do not meet structural requirements due to decay or damage at a fraction of a new pole replacement cost.

Osmose structural Resiliency as a Service® solutions strengthen and harden wood poles before nature’s fury strikes. Using predictive analytics, innovative data collection, our pole loading expertise and software, and family of trussing systems, our innovative and targeted resiliency program is five times faster and often times 70% less than a replacement-only program.

Transmission Resiliency Solutions

Osmose is the nation’s leading provider of steel asset assessment and resiliency solutions. We are a trusted partner ensuring your transmission structures get the right action at the right time in order to help withstand severe weather, fires, and harsh environments.

Osmose solutions include corrosion prediction, structure evaluation and analysis, and restoration and upgrade design to extend useful life and increase the capacity of steel assets. With data collected through our field assessment leveraging our exclusive field analysis program and our proprietary resiliency modeling software, Osmose implements simple and complex restoration and upgrade solutions for electric utilities. Many of these services can be capitalized to avoid unnecessary O&M spending.

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