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Mapping and Asset Verification

Cost-Effective Field Data Verification for Grid Modernization and Broadband Initiatives

Utilities rely on GIS data to drive the performance of critical operational objectives, such as reliability and resiliency, as well as meet the future needs of the distribution network. These powerful analysis and decision support tools share one common trait – the need for highly accurate, connected data that describe their electrical network in great detail.

The current data needs of utilities’ grid modernization, 5G, and broadband initiatives are putting an unprecedented demand on the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of this data.

Osmose specializes in specifying and implementing cost-effective approaches to collecting and maintaining this information with highly skilled technical field and GIS staff who safely and accurately execute a range of simple and complex field initiatives, such as:

  • System inventories and GIS mapping
  • Customer-to-transformer surveys
  • Joint use and NESC audits
  • Street light audits
  • Underground inventories and inspections
  • Post-storm damage assessment

Why Partner with Osmose for Mapping and Asset Verification?

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Osmose has hundred of trained inspectors which can be deployed to meet the tightest of project timelines

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Osmose visits millions of poles annually, proving Osmose has ability to scale to any size project

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Osmose applies the latest technology to deliver accuracy required for our customers

System Inventories and GIS Mapping

Osmose utilizes experienced resources to accurately capture location, condition, and system attribute information on poles, equipment, conductors, and foreign attachments in order to help utilities verify the accuracy and completeness of their asset management systems-of-record. The technology we use supports bringing customer data to the field to perform verification and collection of data.

  • Developing specifications to review, collect, and deliver data to your target system
  • Review various legacy data sources
  • Detailed field inventories providing precise location, features and attributes, and connectivity
  • Hi-res images associated to asset record
  • Field measurements collected with latest technology
  • Ability to leverage inventory to collect and support other initiatives such as attachment audit, infrared inspection, detailed overhead inspection, or underground inspection
  • QC data and deliver to target systems (GIS, ERP, CIS)
System inventories and GIS Mapping

Joint Use and NESC Audits

Osmose’s results-oriented approach focuses on identifying customer requirements and maximizing the potential for return from the audit. Establishing accurate, transparent results allows us to provide customers with the tools necessary to meet project goals, from reconciling revenue of unauthorized attachments to reducing liability.

  • Review attachment agreements, help build your business case
  • Review audit initiative with attachers to maximize buy-in and maximize audit/rental recovery
  • Execute the field audit and share (map-based) results with stakeholders and third parties
  • Perform dispute resolution with attachers during audit
  • Deliver accurate data to your system of record
  • Support attacher billing and manage notifications in NJUNS to address violations and double wood
  • Satisfy NESC and GO95 clearance checks

Post-Storm Damage Assessment

Shortly after the storm has passed, utilities need to restore their systems to pre-storm conditions. Osmose provides post-storm damage assessments updating your target systems, thereby expediting the restoration process. Osmose post-storm damage tools and processes can also provide additional information to support FEMA audits. Regardless of the size and type of the storm event, Osmose is a trusted resource to fill any role that is required, safely and professionally.


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