About Osmose

Osmose exists to make the grid as strong, safe, and resilient as the communities it serves.

Make better, data-informed asset decisions: Structural transmission and distribution assets like poles, towers and substations are the unsung workhorses of electric and communications utilities like yours. Osmose helps utilities make and implement smarter decisions by tapping the industry’s largest repository of structural asset data to target risk in the most efficient way and to support a prudent, prioritized deployment of capital.

Uncover and address hidden risks: The degradation of structural assets is often hidden from view – corroding below ground, or within the structure itself. We are field technicians, professional engineers, wood scientists, corrosion experts, and applied data scientists leveraging 90 years of expertise to identify and solve hard-to-see structural issues that impact your asset healthsystem resiliency, and help you meet your commitment to provide safe, reliable, resilient and affordable service.

Experience proven technical and operational innovation: We help the owners of transmission and distribution structures to mitigate risk and manage challenges through innovation and execution.  We show up.  We do the work.  All of it – whether it’s up a mountain or in a swamp.  We do it safely, on time, and on budget. That’s not enough, though. When software, chemistry, engineered solutions and other standard approaches aren’t enough or don't exist, Osmose invents new tools and techniques to fill the gap.

Benefit from a proactive strategic partnership: We believe there’s an optimal approach to minimize risk and maintain the strength and resiliency of your system, and we can help you find it. To ensure the right asset management initiatives occur, we go beyond simple execution in the field – starting with insights and advice on the proven best practices we’ve built through decades of data, research, and hands-on experience.

We are Osmose – a partner in protecting your asset health and system performance.